Maine City Implements Ban on Flavored Tobacco Products

Maine City Implements Ban on Flavored Tobacco Products
Maine's ban on flavored tobacco products in South Portland takes effect on April 1, despite opposition from local retailers.

The ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products in the city of South Portland, Maine, is set to take effect on April 1st.

On Tuesday night, the South Portland city council rejected a proposal from local tobacco retailers to block the implementation of a ban.

The delay in the implementation of the ban aims to allow companies to sell their existing products and bring their business practices in line with the new regulations.

BJ McCollister, the campaign manager for Flavors Hook Kids Maine, expressed gratitude to local leaders.

Eliminating something that is so focused on improving children's lives will send them a message that profits are more important than their own well-being and protecting them from addiction. Fortunately, the message they receive is that their lives matter in this community,” said McCollister.

McCollister also expressed his hope that the legislative body in Maine will be able to achieve similar success in implementing the ban statewide.

The LR 740 bill, sponsored by Democratic Senator Jill Duson of Cumberland County, is titled "An Act to End the Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products.

South Portland, along with Portland, Brunswick, and Bangor, has become a community that prohibits the sale of flavored tobacco products.

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