Massive Illegal Sale of Tobacco Products Exposed in Russia

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Massive Illegal Sale of Tobacco Products Exposed in Russia
Illegal tobacco sales in Russia have been exposed, with 16,500 sellers in 17 regions illegally selling tobacco products.

According to a report from the News Bulletin on September 18th, a large-scale sale of illegal tobacco products has been exposed in Russia. It has been revealed that 16,500 retailers across 17 regions in Russia are involved in the illegal sale of tobacco products.


According to a government decree dated February 28, 2019, Russia has implemented mandatory labeling by means of identifying tobacco, nicotine-containing products, nicotine-free liquids, and electronic nicotine delivery systems. However, investigations reveal that not all participants in the retail trading market comply with these requirements.


Among the 16,500 discovered illegal vendors, the Moscow region has the highest number of illegal vendors, totaling 2,625. On the other hand, the Oryol region has the least number of illegal vendors, with a total of 153.


According to the investigation, approximately 50% of illegal products originate from the Republic of Belarus, with an additional 20% being counterfeit products produced in Russia. The remaining 30% are smuggled into Russia from other countries.


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