Michigan City Calls for State Government to Ban Flavored Tobacco Sales

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Michigan City Calls for State Government to Ban Flavored Tobacco Sales
Benton Harbor City in the US calls for a statewide ban on flavored tobacco products due to their appeal to teenagers.

According to a report by Abc57 on October 17th, the city of Benton Harbor in the United States has decided to urge the state government to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products. The vote results overwhelmingly support the prohibition of all flavored tobacco products in the state of Michigan.


According to a resolution, studies have shown that 80% of teenagers aged 12 to 17 become interested in smoking due to the smell and packaging of tobacco. Against this backdrop, Mayor Marcus Muhammad of Benton Harbor emphasized the importance of guiding and intervening in the tobacco use among young people to prevent them from developing further tobacco-related issues in adulthood.


Muhammad highlighted the crux of the issue lies in packaging. Some tobacco products exhibit strikingly similar packaging to that of candies, leading to a significant number of adolescents mistakenly purchasing and initiating usage. This obfuscates the true dangers associated with tobacco consumption.


The City Council stated that flavored tobacco and menthol tobacco products have a particularly severe impact on African Americans. Therefore, they recommend that state representatives and senators engage in discussions and find solutions to address the aforementioned issue.


Meanwhile, the committee also urged the state government to repeal certain provisions of the Tobacco Products Tax Act, in order to allow local governments to autonomously establish corresponding regulations regarding tobacco.


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