MOVI Wins Multiple Awards at Vapemagz 2022

MOVI Wins Multiple Awards at Vapemagz 2022
MOVI receives multiple awards at the 2022 Vapemagz Awards, showcasing their widely-accepted products.

In 2022, MOVI received multiple awards at the Vapemagz Awards and is set to create a product that will be accepted by all elements.

Earlier, at the end of 2021, he was awarded the LEPID (World Indonesia Record Achievement Research Institute) award.

In early 2022, MOVI, the leading e-cigarette and e-liquid distributor in Indonesia, was awarded the MURI (Indonesian World Record Museum) award. As the second semester of 2022 began, MOVI once again received multiple innovation awards.

This award was presented by Vapemagz on July 30, 2022 at the Grand Kemang in Jakarta.

Vapemagz is a pioneer in the Indonesian vaping community, serving as a reference for e-cigarette enthusiasts to stay up to date on the latest news in the Indonesian and global e-cigarette industry. It is a media outlet that manufacturers and retailers typically turn to in order to appeal to e-cigarette connoisseurs.

MOVI won three awards, namely:

KUY has been recognized as the most popular local brand for Pod Open System of the year.

沙发 The AFLO herbal series has been named as the most innovative liquid sofa of the year.

NICSAL99+ has been named the runner-up for the most popular type of salt of the year.

Aldi Djemat, the founder of Vapemagz, stated that as a media outlet, they have always supported innovation within the electronic cigarette industry and are proud to present these awards to MOVI.


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