New Regulations on Electronic Devices and E-cigarettes in Kazakhstan

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New Regulations on Electronic Devices and E-cigarettes in Kazakhstan
According to Kazakhstani media, the Ministry of Civil Aviation in Kazakhstan has recently made amendments to rules regarding electronic devices and e-cigarettes.

According to reports from Kazakhstani media, the Civil Aviation Management Department of Kazakhstan (MIIR) has recently made adjustments to the regulations regarding the transportation of electronic devices and e-cigarettes. MIIR emphasizes that these changes are made with particular attention to the safety and comfort of passengers.


According to new regulations, passengers are no longer allowed to place portable electronic devices such as tablets, watches, calculators, cameras, laptops, camcorders, and other devices with lithium or lithium-ion batteries in checked luggage. In addition, carrying e-cigarettes is explicitly prohibited.


MIIR strongly recommends that all passengers place the following items in their carry-on luggage to ensure convenience and safety during the flight:


Laptops, mobile phones, cameras, tablets, electronic signature devices, and all electronic devices that are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, as well as spare batteries and portable batteries (power banks).


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