Nicotine-Infused Pods: Big Tobacco's Alternative to Flavor Ban

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Nicotine-Infused Pods: Big Tobacco's Alternative to Flavor Ban
Large tobacco companies, including BAT, are selling nicotine-infused pods like rooibos tea to comply with the upcoming EU ban on flavored heated tobacco products.

According to a report by Reuters on October 16th, major tobacco companies including British American Tobacco (BAT) are selling heated pods made from substances infused with nicotine, such as Loozbosh Tea, in order to comply with the soon-to-be-enforced ban on flavored heated tobacco products by the European Union.


British American Tobacco (BAT) has launched a new pod, called Louis Boschi Tea, instead of tobacco, which will be available in nine European markets, including Germany and Greece. The company aims to globally promote this product. However, researchers have warned that this substance may pose unknown risks.


Until now, the tobacco company has not released any research results indicating the impact of Louis Boscher tea on health. The British American Tobacco company (BAT) has declined to comment on whether they have conducted such research.


Philip Morris International (PMI) announced that it will begin rolling out smoke-free tobacco sticks later this year. However, the company refused to disclose to Reuters what material the product is made of and its potential health effects. PMI CEO Jacek Olczak informed shareholders that their smoke-free pod product will avoid regulatory scrutiny faced by tobacco products. British American Tobacco responded to Reuters, stating that their smoke-free tobacco pods are not subject to current EU tobacco regulations.


This means that even after the ban on heating tobacco products with flavors takes effect later this month across the European Union, British American Tobacco can still sell Louis Boston Tea pods with flavors like mint and tropical fruit.


According to reports, Rooibos tea is a beverage that is produced in South Africa and is made from leguminous shrubs and needle-like acid-resistant plants. It is known for its various health benefits, such as improving insomnia, soothing skin discomfort, and preventing diabetes. Additionally, it is a completely caffeine-free natural drink.


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