PMI's IQOS Takes Over Italy with 2 Million Smokers

PMI's IQOS Takes Over Italy with 2 Million Smokers
PMI president Marco Hannappel says 2 million Italian smokers have switched to IQOS, a high-tech alternative to smoking.

Recently, Marco Hannappel, President of Phillip Morris International (PMI) in Southwest Europe, stated that approximately two million smokers in Italy have switched to using IQOS.

We are rapidly advancing towards the goal of a 'smoke-free future' by providing adult smokers with higher technological alternatives," said Marco Hannappel.

The 2022 PMI annual report reveals that the shipment volume of heated tobacco products (HTP) in Italy reached 1.23 million units, representing a 37.7% YoY growth. Italy has become PMI's largest market for HTP in Europe, second only to Russia.

According to Gianluca Iannelli, the marketing and digital director of PMI Italy, the company has recently launched a new product called IQOS Iluma One in the Italian market. PMI aims to use this product to convince even the most stubborn smokers to change their lifestyle and switch to a simpler and more intuitive device.

Reference: [1] Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) has released its financial results for the fourth quarter and full-year of 2022.

According to a report, two million smokers in Italy have switched to using IQOS.

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