Polk County School District joins lawsuit against Juul

Polk County School District joins lawsuit against Juul
Polk County school district joins 1,300 school districts in a class-action lawsuit against Juul for not preventing underage use.

The Polk County School District, including Lakeland and Winter Haven, plans to file a class-action lawsuit against electronic cigarette company Juul, joining nearly 1,300 other school districts in the United States who have taken similar legal action for infringement.

The lawsuit alleges that the company has taken almost no measures to prevent minors and children from obtaining e-cigarette materials. School committee leaders state that this lawsuit aligns more with future standards for damages, such as the cost of school districts preventing the use of e-cigarettes on school grounds, imposing appropriate disciplinary actions for e-cigarette use on school grounds, and developing prevention plans.

On the evening of September 7th, the members of the school's Board of Directors unanimously agreed to join the lawsuit. The lawyer in the case speculates that a potential settlement could reach billions of dollars.

The school board attorney, Wes Bridges, stated: 'There are other ongoing lawsuits, although this appears to be the largest and most prominent legal case'.

The case has been presented to the school board on the basis of emergency expenses. If the ruling of the lawsuit is in favor of the school district foundation, the lawyer will receive a 25% bonus, while the remaining 75% will be divided equally among the 1,300 school districts involved in the lawsuit. If the case extends until June 2023, Briggs stated that the emergency expenses will increase from 25% to 30%.

This is one of those 'sign now, pay later' deals," Bridges continued. "If you want to participate, we'll sign the paperwork and they'll do all the work. If they succeed, one day we'll receive a check or a series of checks. If they don't succeed, you won't owe anything.

According to the state health department, 22% of high school students in Florida regularly use e-cigarettes. "During my tenure, I will encourage participation," said Polk County Sheriff Frederick Judd. "We deal with e-cigarettes every day, and receive letters from various organizations. I hope that any funds and revenue will be consistent with these measures.

Heid said that the lawsuit presents a unique opportunity, and he suggested investing in anti-vaping detection equipment, incorporating prevention strategies into curriculums, and taking further preventative measures. He also stated that during random checks of schools, the most confiscated item was e-cigarettes.


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