Pop Vapor Files Lawsuit Against FDA for PMTA Denial

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Pop Vapor Files Lawsuit Against FDA for PMTA Denial
Disposable e-cigarette supplier Pop Vapor Co. LLC has filed a lawsuit against the FDA for rejecting its PMTA application.

According to a report from Law.com, Pop Vapor Co. LLC, a supplier of disposable e-cigarette products in the United States, has filed a lawsuit on August 2nd in the Northern District Court of Georgia. The company has enlisted the services of Thompson Hine to represent them in this legal action.


The subject of the lawsuit is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States. The reason behind it is Pop Vapor's questioning of the FDA's denial of its pre-market tobacco application (PMTA) for its e-cigarette products.


According to a lawsuit, the FDA has rejected the pre-market application for Pop Vapor's disposable e-cigarette product, citing Pop Vapor's failure to provide information on the "length" of the e-cigarette product in the application.


The case, with a docket number of 1:23-cv-03446, involves Pop Vapor Co., LLC as the plaintiff and U.S. Food and Drug Administration, among others, as the defendants.



Pop Vapor Sues FDA, Claiming It Denied E-Cig Application Due to Product’s Length

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