US Congress Submits PROTECT Act: Combating Youth E-Cigarette and Tobacco Addiction

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US Congress Submits PROTECT Act: Combating Youth E-Cigarette and Tobacco Addiction
Democrat leaders in both houses of US Congress have submitted the PROTECT Act to tackle teenage tobacco addiction.

According to a report by Floridianpress on October 26th, the Democratic Party in both chambers of the United States Congress has submitted a bipartisan bill called the "Preventing Opportunities for Teen E-cigarette and Tobacco Addiction (PROTECT) Act." The aim of the bill is to curb the usage of tobacco among millions of American teenagers.


Georgia state representative, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is leading a House initiative aimed at allocating a dedicated $100 million fund to combat youth e-cigarette and tobacco addiction.


In her press conference, Schultz said that through research, guidance, and information dissemination, this legislation will develop targeted strategies to actively address the harms caused by e-cigarettes.


The Florida representative emphasized the dangers posed by e-cigarettes and tobacco products to American teenagers.


No matter the cost, we must ensure that our young people do not develop an addiction to these harmful products," said Schultz.


The PROTECT Act will instruct the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States to initiate a comprehensive investigation into the usage of e-cigarettes and related tobacco products among adolescents and young adults. In collaboration with professional medical organizations, the CDC will also develop strategies for schools to intervene in addressing youth usage of modern tobacco products.


According to the National Youth Tobacco Survey, "More than one in ten middle and high school students (3.08 million) used tobacco products in the past 30 days, including 16.5% of high school students and 4.5% of middle school students.


The investigation results also indicate that e-cigarettes are the most widely used tobacco devices. Among the survey participants who responded to e-cigarette usage, a staggering 27.2% had low academic performance (mainly with F grades), while 18.3% reported severe psychological stress symptoms.


Senator Richard Blumenthal, the leading advocate for the PROTECT Act, emphasized the long-term significance of the bill.


The bill will help prevent yet another generation from becoming dependent on tobacco," said Senator Blumenthal.


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