Initiative Proposed in Russia to Protect Adolescents from E-Cigarette Dangers

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Initiative Proposed in Russia to Protect Adolescents from E-Cigarette Dangers
E-cigarette trend among teenagers could lead to lung diseases and cancer, prompting Russia to propose criminal penalties for sales to minors.

According to a report by Dailystorm on October 26th, e-cigarettes have become a popular trend among today's youth. However, this could potentially lead to the development of conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia, and even cancer.


In order to protect children from the harm of e-cigarettes, an organized group in Russia has put forward a new initiative to criminalize the sale of e-cigarettes to children. They have also proposed mandatory certification for e-cigarette liquids and devices.


Ekaterina Leshchinskaya, the head of the "Healthy Homeland" non-profit organization, discussed her initiative and new issues among young people. She has submitted her request to Anna Kuznetsova, the Deputy Chairwoman of the State Duma.


Katerina Lesinskaya also expressed that adolescents' fascination with e-cigarettes often stems from excessive curiosity: "If adults and friends smoke, and everyone is doing it - then they will feel like they should try it themselves.


Due to the lack of strict regulation of such devices, the fact that the majority of potential buyers are underage has been overlooked. She is calling on the government to crack down on the sale of uncertified e-cigarettes to adolescents in order to address the e-cigarette problem, and to deter teenagers from trying smoking by implementing prominent warning labels on packaging.


Finally, Yekaterina Lesinskaya also expressed that the reason why young people prefer e-cigarettes and significantly reduce their consumption of traditional cigarettes is largely due to their belief that e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes.


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