Red State vs Blue State over the E-cigarette Regulation

Recently, two states, Montana and Florida have adopted opposite policies on e-cigarette regulation. The contrast between these two highlights the debate between red and blue politicians on the law of e-cigarettes.

Red State vs Blue State over the E-cigarette Regulation


Recently, two states, Montana and Florida have taken opposing approaches to vaping regulation. In Montana, the House of Representatives passed the second reading of a bill that "separates the regulation of e-cigarettes from cigarettes" by a vote of 57-42.


Meanwhile, in Florida, a bill to ban the sale of disposable e-cigarettes has been introduced in the House of Representatives.


Montana's bill supporter, Republican Rep. Ron Marshall, argues that e-cigarettes should be regulated separately from cigarettes. "Just like marijuana and alcohol are regulated separately," he said. Interestingly, according to local media DailyMontanan, the congressman's wife is the owner of a local e-cigarette company, Freedom Vapes.


Red State vs Blue State over the E-cigarette Regulation
Republican Rep. Ron Marshall, Source: Ballotpedia


On the other hand, Florida's bill belongs to the Democrats. Rep. Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick believes (flavored) disposable e-cigarettes threaten public health, especially young people. Previously, the FDA issued guidance on the ban on flavors of pod-changing e-cigarettes. However, this loophole can no longer be ignored due to the rapid growth of disposable e-cigarettes. Sheila's proposed bill aims to ban all disposable e-cigarettes to protect Florida people from the potential health risks associated with their use.


Red State vs Blue State over the E-cigarette Regulation
Democrats. Rep. Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick, Source: Ballotpedia


Red and Blue Divergence Further Solidified


The two bills highlight the debate between red and blue politicians over the regulation of e-cigarettes. Some see it as a harm reduction tool, and others see it as a public health threat.


The outcome remains to be seen, but the differences between the bills of Montana and Florida illustrate the complexity and controversy of e-cigarette regulation. Regardless of the outcome, this topic will continue to be the focus of public health discussions for years to come.


In the article "Vitality in the Cracks - The U.S. E-cigarette Regulatory Situation under Bipartisan Competition," 2Firsts found that there is a subtle connection between e-cigarette regulation and the opposition between red and blue states in the United States, namely:


Target State Attribute: Red State (Republican) vs Blue State (Democrat)

E-cigarette regulatory attitude: moderate vs strict


Based on these two bills, Montana (MT) is a deep red state, and Florida (FL) is a neutral swing state. However, Broward County (Democratic County), located in Rep. Cherfilus-McCormick's district, has been banned from using E-cigarettes in public facilities.


2Firsts suggested that if you want to understand the trend of e-cigarette regulatory policies in each state in the United States, you can start with the local color trend. For example, if it is a red state, e-cigarettes will not be strictly regulated in the next few years; otherwise, the regulation will be stricter.

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