RELX Leads in Patents: 900 Global Applications

RELX Leads in Patents: 900 Global Applications
RELX holds nearly 900 global patents, ranking first among Chinese e-cigarette brands for five consecutive years, with over RMB 800 million invested in R&D.

On April 25, according to the Economic Observer (, RELX has applied for nearly 900 patents globally, ranking first among domestic e-cigarette brands for five consecutive years. 


RELX's patents cover multiple areas, including e-cigarette design, e-liquid formulation, aerosol safety, and intelligence. Since its inception, RELX has invested over RMB 800 million in R&D and collaborated with multiple research institutions to further improve product quality, flavor development, experience enhancement, and scientific exploration. 


Moreover, RELX was selected as a specialized, fine, unique, and innovative enterprise in Guangdong Province and recognized as the "Guangdong Province New Intelligent Atomization Device and Inhalation Preparation Engineering Technology Center," becoming a leading player in China's e-cigarette industry.


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