Revised Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog (2023 Draft)

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Revised Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog (2023 Draft)
The National Development and Reform Commission has released a draft of the Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidelines for public feedback.

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In recent days, the National Development and Reform Commission website released the "Guidance Catalog for Industrial Structural Adjustment (Draft for Soliciting Opinions in 2023)" (hereinafter referred to as "Guidance Catalog 2023 (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)"). Compared to the current guidance catalog (2019 edition), the "Guidance Catalog 2023 (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)" includes "e-cigarettes and other new tobacco products" in the restricted category.


The "Guiding Catalogue 2023 (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)" continues to consist of three types of catalogues: encouragement, restriction, and elimination. According to the original text, the restriction categories primarily include outdated technologies, failure to meet industry access requirements and relevant regulations, posing risks to safe production, hindering the achievement of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals. These categories require supervision for transformation and prohibit the construction of new production capacity, technologies, equipment, and products.


The "Guidelines for the Directory of 2023 (Draft for Public Consultation)" explicitly states that "investment is prohibited for newly established projects that fall under the restricted category." Investment management departments will not approve or grant loans, and various financial institutions are prohibited from issuing loans. Additionally, departments such as natural resources, construction, ecological environment, water resources, market supervision, fire control, customs, and others are not authorized to process relevant procedures. Those who violate the regulations and engage in investment and construction activities will be held accountable. As for existing production capabilities under the restricted category, enterprises are allowed to take measures to transform and upgrade within a certain period of time, and financial institutions will continue to provide support based on credit principles. Relevant state departments are required to follow the principles of optimizing and upgrading the industrial structure, and implement targeted guidance based on the survival of the fittest.


The public consultation for the "Guiding Catalogue 2023 (draft for soliciting opinions)" took place from July 14th, 2023 to August 14th, 2023. In reviewing the revision process of the "Catalogue (2019 edition)," 2FIRSTS found that it involved soliciting public opinions, announcing the status of the public opinion solicitation, and finally, publishing an official announcement after review by the committee. Based on this information, the "Guiding Catalogue 2023 (draft for soliciting opinions)" is currently awaiting review by the committee for further consideration.




Public Announcement on the Feedback Solicitation of the Draft Guidance Catalog for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2023 Edition)


Public Notice on the Solicitation of Opinions on the "Guiding Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2023 Edition, Draft for Comments)" by the National Development and Reform Commission


Guideline Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2019 Edition)


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