Russian Regions With Highest Smoking Rates in 2021

Russian Regions With Highest Smoking Rates in 2021
Novgorod, St. Petersburg, and Krasnodar have the highest number of smokers in Russia according to a digital tagging experiment.

In terms of population, Novgorod Region, St. Petersburg, and Krasnodar Border Zone have the highest number of smokers since the introduction of the electronic cigarette marking experiment at the beginning of this year.

The analysts of the National Digital Label System have drawn these conclusions based on their own statistical data on packaging sales volume and Rosstat data on the number of permanent residents in the Russian Federation.

According to these data, since the beginning of this year, each resident in the Novgorod region has purchased 4.4 packs of cigarettes, while in St. Petersburg the figure stands at 3.96 packs and in the Krasnodar border region, it is 3.42 packs.

The top 10 regions with the highest smoking rates include Magadan Oblast (2.65), Kamchatka Krai (2.09), Sakhalin (1.96), and Ryazan Oblast (1.92), as well as Moscow (1.84), Crimea (1.74), and Sevastopol (1.49).

According to a public opinion poll conducted by VTsIOM in July, 33% of adult citizens in Russia smoke today.

When analyzing the numbers behind the "honesty mark," it should be considered that in terms of tobacco regulation compliance, "smokers" are primarily the most honest and transparent regions. These leaders may not be the most active tobacco consumers, but they are certainly the most law-abiding.


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