Russia's Duma Supports Plan to Regulate Tobacco Sales

Russia's Duma Supports Plan to Regulate Tobacco Sales
Russia's parliament supports a government bill to regulate tobacco sales including e-cigarettes, with proposed amendments to prevent sales to minors.

On March 21st, the Russian parliament's press office announced that the youth policy committee of the State Duma is in favor of the government's proposed legislation to regulate tobacco sales.

According to Artem Metelev, the chair of the committee, these bills are intended to make some additions to restrictions on the sales of electronic cigarettes.

Artem Metelev suggested that the sale of nicotine consumption devices should be treated in the same way as the sale of traditional cigarettes. This would mean applying all current requirements and limitations of cigarettes to these devices, including layout, providing information on the dangers of consumption, and banning remote sales.

Artem Metelev stated that the proposed amendment will help prevent the sale of unregulated nicotine products, including to minors. If the bill with the amendment is passed, the proliferation of easily accessible e-cigarette micro-stores will be curtailed, as each store will now require a license.

Furthermore, the Youth Policy Committee in the State Duma has recommended increasing fines for selling electronic cigarettes to minors.

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