Sioux City Schools: Crackdown on Vaping to Ensure Student Safety

Sioux City Community School District cracks down on vaping with stricter policies and involvement of law enforcement.

Sioux City Community School District Takes Tough Stance on Vaping


Vaping has become a nationwide problem in schools, and the Sioux City Community School District is no exception. However, the district is facing a new challenge as vape devices become increasingly difficult to detect.


One concerning trend is the emergence of disposable nicotine vapes designed to mimic highlighters, complete with caps. Another popular brand, Juul, produces devices that resemble USB drives. This clever packaging makes it easier for students to discreetly bring these devices into school.


To combat this issue, Iowa recently passed regulations requiring individuals to be at least 21 years old to purchase nicotine products. This means it is illegal for middle and high school students to own these devices. However, some brands deliberately target teens, making it challenging for schools to keep them out of students' hands.


To address this problem, the Sioux City Community School District is implementing an updated disciplinary policy that specifically targets nicotine and THC vapes. The goal is to persuade students to refrain from bringing these devices to school.


Dr. Rod Earleywine, Superintendent of the Sioux City Community School District, emphasized that law enforcement will be involved in dealing with these incidents. Whether it is a THC vape or a nicotine vape, the police will be contacted. The district aims to take a tougher stance on the issue, hoping that students will make the right decision and leave their vapes at home.


According to the district's 2023-24 handbook, the first time a student is caught with a nicotine vape, the police or a school resource officer will be informed, and the student will face a one-day suspension. If caught again, the suspension will increase to three days. A third offense will result in suspension until a return date can be determined during a district hearing.


However, if a student is caught with a THC vape for the first time, they will immediately face step three disciplinary actions and be suspended until a hearing is held. The same applies if a student is caught selling or distributing any type of vape device. Furthermore, any student on transfer who is found with a vape will have their transfer revoked, regardless of the offense or type of vape involved.


Sgt. Tom Gill of the Sioux City Police Department explained that faculty members who catch students vaping or in possession of vape or tobacco products will either refer them directly to the school resource officer or to the school administrator. The administrator will then involve the school resource officer to issue a citation.


District leaders and law enforcement stress the importance of keeping these products out of schools. Not only do vaping devices negatively impact the learning environment, but they also pose a significant risk to students' health.


Overall, the Sioux City Community School District is taking a proactive approach to address the issue of vaping. By implementing stricter policies and involving law enforcement, the district aims to create a safer and healthier environment for its students.


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