Small Appliances + Engineering Construction for E-cigarette Development

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Small Appliances + Engineering Construction for E-cigarette Development
Kennede Electronics Mfg Co.,Ltd. (002723.SZ) announces plans to focus on e-cigarette business development and expand market share overseas.

On September 19th, Kennede Electronics Mfg Co.,Ltd. (002723.SZ) announced the release of a record of its investor relations activities. The announcement revealed that Kennede Electronics Mfg Co.,Ltd. stated, in response to investor queries, that it would focus on developing its e-cigarette business, based on the foundation of its "small household appliances + engineering construction" dual-wheel business drive.


Kennede Electronics Mfg Co.,Ltd. stated that it will continue to improve its e-cigarette business through internal and external development, in order to enhance the entire industry chain layout of the e-cigarette business, and utilize the advantages of this layout to create more competitive e-cigarette products. The company aims to steadily increase its market share in the e-cigarette industry both domestically and internationally and to promote continuous growth in the scale of its new tobacco industry. Additionally, the company places importance on building its own brand and aims to enhance its brand influence and recognition by establishing an independent brand.


When asked about the main countries to which their e-cigarettes are sold, as well as the percentage of sales accounted for by refillable and disposable products respectively, Kennede Electronics Mfg Co.,Ltd. responded that their products are currently sold in countries and regions such as Malaysia, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia, Canada, Australia, Japan, and France, with sales increasing month by month. The company currently has stock of both refillable and disposable e-cigarette products, with disposable products being the main focus in previous sales.


In addition, Kennede Electronics Mfg Co.,Ltd. stated that it has established a presence in the areas of nicotine, aerosol production/processing, and brand ownership in the e-cigarette industry, and has obtained the necessary licenses for each stage of the process. The company intends to focus on its current business, particularly within the e-cigarette sector, while pursuing a strategy of coordinated growth through acquisitions. It will actively seek out and seize investment opportunities.


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