Texas Attorney General announces $43.3M settlement with JUUL.

Texas Attorney General announces $43.3M settlement with JUUL.
Texas Attorney General announces $43.3 million settlement with JUUL over marketing and sales practices.

Texas Attorney General Paxton announced that the Texas court has reached a $43.3 million settlement agreement with JUUL company.

The Attorney General William Barr stated that this settlement is part of a $434.9 million resolution made by JUUL with 33 states and territories, which resolves a two-year investigation into the marketing and sales practices of the e-cigarette manufacturer.

According to a press release, this investigation was initially launched in 2020, led by the offices of the attorney generals of Connecticut and Oregon, as well as the office of the attorney general of Paxton. In addition to monetary payment, the settlement agreement also requires JUUL to comply with strict prohibitions on its marketing and sales practices.

Paxton stated, "This settlement agreement ensures that JUUL is held accountable for their attempts to attract young people through deceptive advertising. After a two-year investigation, it is clear that JUUL violated the law.

According to a press release, the settlement agreement includes strict marketing, sales, and distribution restrictions, such as a ban on marketing to young people, limitations on in-store display and access, restrictions on online sales and retail sales, age verification requirements for all sales, and a retail compliance inspection agreement. The settlement agreement also includes provisions for protecting settlement sites in the event of future bankruptcies.

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