The Art and Danger of Vaping Among Students.

The Art and Danger of Vaping Among Students.
Electronic cigarettes marketed as cool and safe for all ages, with sellers promoting them as an art form with high-tech skills.

Electronic cigarettes have become a trendy item among some students. Websites that sell electronic cigarettes do not provide information on the toxicity of their products. Instead, sellers often claim that electronic cigarettes are safe and suitable for smokers of all ages.

Sellers even promote vaping as an art form. The technique of using an electronic cigarette is just one example.

L.K, a 27-year-old residing in Tan Phu district of Ho Chi Minh City, has been selling pods and e-cigarettes for four years. According to him, the key to his success lies in the technique of releasing vapour from e-cigarettes, which enables the creation of different shapes.

People who use electronic cigarettes believe that the skill of vaping is an "art" and involves many different techniques.

If you smoke in public, you're seen as rude, but it's okay if you use pods or e-cigarettes. This is because the smoke from pods and e-cigarettes doesn't have a strong smell like traditional cigarettes," he explained.

On the contrary, it is quite fragrant and gives you a sensation of "playing" with smoke - a sign of its high technical content. The skill involved in using an electronic cigarette is proof of its trendy and high-end nature. This explains why electronic cigarettes are attractive to young people," he said.

Furthermore, manufacturers have created new types of pods and electronic cigarettes with different colors and shapes to entice users. Some products are disguised as soft drink bottles, lipstick, USB drives, or ballpoint pens.

The liquid used for pods and electronic cigarettes comes in a variety of flavors such as Red Bull, milk tea, lemon, grapefruit, taro, and more. Sellers can even create new flavors to meet anyone's demand.

According to K, there are two types of e-cigarettes: one with low levels of nicotine called freebase, and another with high levels of nicotine called Salt nicotine (ranging from 24mg to 60mg - "ni" being a slang term for milligrams). If someone is only using e-cigarettes with low-nicotine content, they are likely using them simply for recreation.

If someone truly wants to enjoy vaping, they should try nicotine salts, and if they want to relax and seek a heightened sense of pleasure, they need a bottle of CBD.

In addition, there is also a liquid extracted from grass in the United States.

According to Nguyen Trung Nguyen, Director of the Poison Control Center, offering a variety of flavors is a tactic utilized by sellers to attract young people to use electronic cigarettes.

He said that electronic cigarettes not only attract young people through their design and appearance but also through their taste. In addition to nicotine, users also put liquid with flavors like apple, chocolate, and mint into electronic cigarettes. The harmful substances in electronic cigarettes are variable and difficult to detect.

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