Dangers of E-cigarettes: A Recent Case Study

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Dangers of E-cigarettes: A Recent Case Study
In recent news, a woman in the UK was rushed to the hospital with emergency pneumonia caused by excessive e-cigarette use.

Recently, according to a report by The Mirror, it has been widely acknowledged that the impact of e-cigarettes is not any less severe than that of traditional cigarettes. In a recent incident in the UK, a woman developed acute pneumonia due to excessive use of e-cigarettes.


Jodie Hudson, a 26-year-old, has been using e-cigarettes for the past two years. Recently, she was rushed to the hospital due to difficulty breathing at home, and was diagnosed with pneumonia believed to be caused by her frequent use of e-cigarettes. Surprisingly, Jodie had always believed that e-cigarettes wouldn't pose serious health risks like traditional cigarettes.


Hudson revealed that she started smoking around the age of 18 because it seemed healthier and didn't contain all the tobacco ingredients. She enjoyed smoking it. However, she soon discovered that she became addicted. From purchasing disposable e-cigarettes two to three times a week, she escalated to buying them daily. She constantly had an e-cigarette in hand.


When her illness first flared up, Hudson suddenly felt unwell and experienced difficulty in breathing. Due to her inability to walk, she was quickly transported to the hospital. Breathing became so challenging for her that she was unable to perform any further actions or speak.


According to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Maryland, prolonged inhalation of e-liquid in e-cigarettes can result in inflammation of the lungs, potentially leading to symptoms such as chronic coughing, difficulty in breathing, coughing up blood, or phlegm.


She also cautioned against treating e-cigarettes as a solution for quitting smoking. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has called for all countries to prohibit smoking and the use of e-cigarettes in schools.


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