Tobacco Hazard International Conference 2023 in Seoul

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Tobacco Hazard International Conference 2023 in Seoul
Smoking-related diseases in South Korea cause 58,000 deaths each year, prompting the country's Disease Management Agency to host an international seminar on tobacco hazards.

According to a report by Donga, a study revealed that smoking-related diseases in South Korea result in approximately 58,000 deaths each year. Against this backdrop, the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency held the "2023 International Conference on Tobacco Hazards" at COEX in Seoul's Gangnam district to discuss the harmful effects of tobacco on the human body.


According to a study published by the South Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency, the social and economic burden caused by smoking exceeded 12 trillion Korean won in 2019. Additionally, the proportion of flavored cigarette usage among smokers aged 13 to 39 has increased from 77.2% in 2016 to 12%.


In South Korea, a typical cigarette smoker consumes up to 20.4 cigarettes per day, with each smoking session reaching a staggering 73 milliliters. Moreover, their smoking speed reaches 48.2 milliliters per second, far surpassing international standards.


In addition, experts have conducted research on the market status and marketing strategies of new cigarette products, and have discussed how to reduce tobacco harm in the future. The director of the Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention mentioned that with the emergence of new types of cigarettes and an increase in users, smoking behavior has changed and brought about new health risks.


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