TPE24 | Interview with Juice Head: Expands into Nicotine Pouch Business with Manufacturing Outsourced to Indonesia

Industry Insight by 2FIRSTS, edited by Sophia
TPE24 | Interview with Juice Head: Expands into Nicotine Pouch Business with Manufacturing Outsourced to Indonesia
Juice Head, an American e-liquid brand, expands its business to nicotine pouches, achieving success in sales.

On February 2, in the final day of the TPE24 exhibition, 2FIRSTS conducted an interview with Juice Head, a prominent American e-cigarette brand.


During the interview, Juice Head introduced to 2FIRSTS that the company initially started with e-liquid and gradually expanded to disposable products, and now includes nicotine pouches. In terms of business proportion, e-liquid currently holds a larger share in Juice Head's operations, while the portion of nicotine pouches is steadily increasing.


According to reports, Juice Head's nicotine pouches were launched last year and have been successfully sold nationwide, exceeding expectations in terms of sales performance. Juice Head offers two specifications of nicotine pouches, 6mg and 12mg, with the strawberry flavor being the best-selling option in the 6mg category. Juice Head has made it known that due to e-cigarettes and nicotine pouches targeting different consumer demographics, customers are very cautious in their product choices. As a result, Juice Head is dedicated to ensuring a diverse range of nicotine products suitable for various occasions, aiming to meet the "nicotine needs for every occasion.


Juice Head, headquartered in California, has already expanded its product coverage to the entire American market. According to Juice Head's disclosure, the company plans to engage in further marketing and promotion in 2024 by establishing a presence at gas stations, convenience stores, and nationwide retail chains.


In the American overseas market, Juice Head has a dedicated international team to expand its production and sales operations globally, due to differing requirements, standards, and regulations in overseas markets compared to the United States.


For instance, Juice Head's nicotine pouches are currently being produced in Indonesia and efforts are underway to maintain a stable inventory. Additionally, the company has forged a partnership with Chinese manufacturers and has assigned a dedicated manufacturing team to handle other aspects of the collaboration, ensuring a consistent supply.


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