TPE24: FDA will Participate and Set up Booth in Vape Area

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TPE24: FDA will Participate and Set up Booth in Vape Area
The FDA will participate in the TPE24 Tobacco Show, but its specific purpose is currently unclear.

On January 31st, the Total Product Expo (TPE24) tobacco exhibition will kick off in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to data from 2FIRSTS, the number of companies related to vaping participating in this exhibition exceeds 200. From the list of exhibitors, 2FIRSTS also noticed that the FDA Center for Tobacco Products, the direct regulatory agency for e-cigarettes in the United States, will also participate in this exhibition. Their booth number is 10176, located in the e-cigarette pavilion.


TPE24: FDA will Participate and Set up Booth in Vape Area
FDA Pavilion Location | Image Source: TPE Official Website


According to past experiences, regulatory authorities from countries such as Italy, Germany, and Indonesia have participated in e-cigarette exhibitions. These regulatory bodies generally adopt two types of participation. One way is similar to how the FDA participated in TPE24, by setting up exhibition booths to closely observe market trends and conduct regulatory publicity activities. Another way is without having an exhibition booth, but they would enter the exhibition to conduct inspections. In such cases, on-site law enforcement is usually carried out to crack down on illegal e-cigarettes and related products.


Currently, it is unclear what the specific purpose of FDA's participation in the exhibition is. However, 2FIRSTS will closely monitor the event and promptly report relevant information to our readers.


In addition, after the exhibition, 2FIRSTS will be hosting a deep sharing session on the the TPE Exhibition and US market on February 6th. During this event, the global executive editor-in-chief of 2FIRSTS, Yuna Hou, and the US team will be sharing the latest discoveries from the exhibition, delving into the trends of American products and policy directions. To find out more information and register, please scan the QR code below to contact the 2FIRSTS staff.


TPE24: FDA will Participate and Set up Booth in Vape Area


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