Turkey Police Seized Smuggled Vozol Vapes

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Turkey Police Seized Smuggled Vozol Vapes
Turkish police in Muğla Province discover residents smuggling e-cigarettes via mail in Menteşe district.

According to Sondakika, police in Turkey's Muğla Province have made significant progress in their intelligence work, uncovering residents of the Kötekli neighborhood in the Menteşe district smuggling electronic cigarettes from other regions via courier services.


In a joint operation, the KOM branch and the Menteşe District Gendarmerie Command carried out a search at the suspect's residence, seizing 250 electronic cigarettes of the Voozol brand.


The Muğla provincial police have now stepped in and initiated a criminal investigation into the case.


Muğla'da Kaçak Elektronik Sigara Operasyonu
Vapes seized | Sondakika



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