UK Government to Ban Disposables, But Still Offer Help to Smokers

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UK Government to Ban Disposables, But Still Offer Help to Smokers
The UK government is finalizing plans to ban disposable e-cigarettes while still offering them to smokers to help quit.

According to reports from iNews on September 17th, it is understood that ministers in the UK are finalizing plans to ban disposable e-cigarettes. However, despite the government's intention to implement the ban, disposable e-cigarettes may still be made available to smokers as a tool to aid them in quitting.


Health Minister Neil O'Brien announced back in April of this year that as part of the plan to make the country "smoke-free" by 2030, the UK will be providing free e-cigarette kits to one-fifth of smokers to assist them in quitting smoking.


The country plans to initially run for two years and will establish local "interchange stops" pilot programs in Bath, Southampton, Sheffield, and Plymouth.


According to sources, local authorities will be invited to participate in the program later this year, and they will be encouraged to consider the environmental impact of e-cigarette products when purchasing e-cigarette kits. However, they insist that the authorities must have the freedom to choose e-cigarette products in order to maximize the chances of people quitting smoking, and they suggest that this may include disposable e-cigarettes.


The UK government is set to welcome e-cigarette retailers to bid for a program that includes a £25 million contract with NHS England to launch a digital tobacco cessation service.


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