Ukraine proposes banning new tobacco products with flavors

Ukraine proposes banning new tobacco products with flavors
Ukraine proposes ban on flavored tobacco products including IQOS, Glo and other e-cigarettes due to their growing use.

According to a report from Ukrainian media FOCUS.UA, on April 20th, the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (the only legislative body in Ukraine) registered a new tobacco product regulation bill.

The proposed bill suggests a ban on wholesale, retail, and import activities in Ukraine.

The latest tobacco products with unique or tobacco-like scents (including IQOS, Glo, and other e-cigarette products); new tobacco products containing flavorings in any component such as filters, papers, packaging, capsules, or any technology that alters the scent or flavor of cigarettes or the strength of tobacco smoke.

The bill was initiated by several dozen legislators.

According to a report, the explanatory note for draft law 9227 in Ukraine references a study by CMIS which indicates a rapid rise in the use of new tobacco products in Ukraine. While only 1% of Ukrainians used e-cigarettes in 2019, this is expected to rise to 7% by 2022. The concern is that flavored tobacco products are predominantly being used by young people aged 18-29, and the spread is happening quickly.

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Starting from this": Ukraine is considering banning cigarettes with capsules, as well as IQOS and GLO products.

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