Unsmoke Canada: Smoke-Free Future Movement Led by PMI

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Unsmoke Canada: Smoke-Free Future Movement Led by PMI
In an effort to eliminate smoking by 2035, Philip Morris International is launching the "Unsmoke Canada" campaign.

According to an Abs-cbn report on October 1st, Philip Morris International (PMI) is collaborating with its Canadian subsidiary, Rothmans, Benson & Hedges, to champion the "Unsmoke Canada" movement. This initiative aims to eliminate traditional cigarettes by 2035 and offer smoke-free alternatives for those who are unwilling to quit smoking.


Kory McDonald, the External Affairs Director of Philip Morris International (PMI), revealed the inspiration and objectives behind their campaign.


Our job goal is to support the efforts of other governments in gradually eliminating cigarettes," said McDonald. "For those who are unwilling to quit smoking, we should provide them with other options so they can switch to alternative products.


Donald McDonald pointed out that one of the major obstacles faced by the company in Canada is how to make adult smokers aware of the information regarding alternative products, so that they can make informed decisions. The company hopes that the government will make corresponding regulatory changes and embrace smokeless products, similar to countries like the Philippines.


The Philippines is a prime example where they have created a new regulatory category for non-combustible nicotine products," he stated. "This is a bold approach that we believe Canada can take.


Dr. Ryan Ravi Iyer, the company's scientific communication manager, stated that the harmful effects of tobacco stem from how people consume it. He emphasized that heated tobacco products cannot be considered risk-free but pose lower risks compared to traditional smoking methods. When tobacco is heated, the chemicals produced from combustion either do not exist or exist at significantly lower levels.


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