VUSE Go 800 Receives Positive Feedback and Plans Expansion

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VUSE Go 800 Receives Positive Feedback and Plans Expansion
UK-based tobacco company, BAT, plans nationwide distribution of its vape product "VUSE Go 800" in South Korea after successful launch.

According to a report by Korean news website Theviewers on November 6th, British American Tobacco Korea (BAT) has received strong consumer response in South Korea for its vape product "VUSE Go 800," which sold out within the first month of its release. The company has already made plans to expand the sales of this product nationwide.


According to industry insiders, the recently launched product has received a warm reception and positive feedback from consumers, leading to a significant acceleration in market expansion. The sales of VUSE Go 800 in Seoul have more than doubled within one month of its release, with the initial supply quickly selling out.


As a result, BAT has decided to introduce additional product lines ahead of schedule. Approximately one and a half months after the launch, they have added four new flavors, expanding the product line to a total of eight. Currently, BAT is actively considering nationwide promotion and sales in South Korea.


According to industry experts, while the "VUSE Go 800" has received high praise from users, its price and user-friendliness still need improvement.


According to a survey, three fifths of current vape users have indicated that they have either switched to using VUSE or are now using VUSE alongside their original e-cigarette.


However, users have reported that the price of VUSE is somewhat high. BAT states that they are considering nationwide sales of VUSE and anticipate an increase in e-cigarette sales during the winter season.


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