VUSE GO Introduces Unique Flavors with Abstract Naming in South Korea

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VUSE GO Introduces Unique Flavors with Abstract Naming in South Korea
VUSE GO, a well-known e-cigarette brand under British American Tobacco, has recently launched four "unique" flavors in South Korea.

Recently, VUSE GO, a renowned e-cigarette brand under the British American Tobacco umbrella, has launched four varieties of "unique" flavors in South Korea.

VUSE GO Introduces Unique Flavors with Abstract Naming in South Korea
Four products of VUSE GO launched in Korea | Image Source: Korean e-cigarette reviewer


The names of these four flavors are Sunset Fresh, Yellow Breeze, Summer Fresh, and Pearl Fresh.


2FIRSTS has learned that the four names of VUSE GO correspond to the following flavors:


  • Sunset Fresh - Mango Flavor 
  • Yellow Breeze - Banana Flavor 
  • Summer Fresh - Watermelon Flavor 
  • Pearl Fres - Blueberry Flavor 


This relatively abstract naming approach is different from the usual way e-cigarette flavors are named. Typically, e-cigarette flavors are named after their prototype taste, such as cherry, blueberry, cola, etc., which makes it easier for consumers to understand the taste. However, the names of these four flavors by VUSE GO are more reminiscent of perfume names.


To shed light on the matter, 2FIRSTS interviewed e-liquid expert Hu Xin to gather his thoughts on this naming approach.


Hu Xin said that different companies have different ways of naming flavors, but their common goal is to provide users with excellent experiences and evoke positive associations.


According to Hu Xin, the naming of the four flavors of VUSE is very common in the cosmetics industry, especially in the field of perfumes. Perfumes are a relatively high-end industry, and some e-cigarette flavors are also influenced by the fragrance industry in terms of naming, which can imply a beautiful scenario to consumers.


Hu Xin believes that international e-cigarette companies like VUSE have a superior understanding of branding, and such naming strategies are a sophisticated way to define flavors and reinforce brand identity.


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