2022 Global Report of Heated Tobacco Products

Industry Insight by Alice Wang
2022 Global Report of Heated Tobacco Products
The Eastern Tobacco Daily reports on global tobacco sales of heated products, with Japan, Italy, and Russia leading the way.

Recently, the Eastern Tobacco News released an article titled "Report on the Development of World Tobacco Industry in 2022 (Part One)", written by the Policy Research Office of the National Economic Research Institute.


According to the article, in 2022, the sales of heated tobacco products reached $33.38 billion, a 15.8% increase compared to the previous year. Out of this, 30 million units of heated tobacco devices were sold, generating $2.09 billion in revenue, while sales of heated tobacco sticks reached 2.756 million boxes, generating $31.28 billion in revenue.


According to market analysis, Japan, Italy, and Russia rank as the top three countries in the world for sales, with revenue of $12.77 billion, $4.11 billion, and $2.54 billion, respectively. Japan's growth in heated tobacco products has been slowing, and its share of global sales has been decreasing from over 80% before 2017 to 38.3% in 2022.


When looking at the industry as a whole, Philip Morris International (PMI) maintains a dominant position, followed closely by British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco. These three companies collectively make up 71.4%, 15.5%, and 4.3% of the global heated tobacco market share, respectively.


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The World Tobacco Development Report (Part I) for 2022


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