2023 China E-cigarette Exports Surge to $11.08 billion Amid 21.55% Unit Price Decline

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2023 China E-cigarette Exports Surge to $11.08 billion Amid 21.55% Unit Price Decline
China's e-cigarette exports saw significant growth in 2023, reaching $11.08 billion, an increase of 12.48% compared to the previous year.

As the Chinese customs released the e-cigarette export data for December, 2FIRSTS has compiled the data for the period of January to December 2023. The export scale of e-cigarettes from China in 2023 has once again witnessed a significant growth, reaching a total of $11.08 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 12.48%.


Total export volume amounted to 233,000 tons, representing a YoY increase of 43.37%.


In 2023, China's total e-cigarette exports reached 233,000 tons, representing a staggering growth rate of 43.37% compared to 162,800 tons in 2022.


The average export unit price has decreased by 21.55%.


However, it is worth noting that despite the strong growth in both the total export value and quantity, the average export unit price of Chinese e-cigarettes in 2023 has declined by 21.55%, dropping from $60.54 per kilogram in 2022 to $47.50 per kilogram.


This may reflect the sensitivity of the international market to the prices of e-cigarette products and the price competition strategy adopted by manufacturers to capture market share.


Covering 167 countries and regions worldwide, with 10 new destinations added.


In 2023, the market coverage of Chinese e-cigarettes has further expanded, with exports reaching a total of 167 countries and regions worldwide, an increase of 10 from the previous year.


New destinations that have been added include Afghanistan, Benin, Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinea, French Saint Martin, Fiji, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Guam, Dutch Saint Maarten, Canary Islands, Gabon, Malawi, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, South Sudan, Nicaragua, Samoa, Turkmenistan, Wallis and Futuna, Uganda, and Taiwan, China, among other countries and regions.


Exports have been reduced to 14 countries and regions.


In 2023, the export of e-cigarettes to 14 countries and regions, including Botswana, the Republic of Congo, Kiribati, Guinea-Bissau, the Cook Islands, Liberia, Martinique, Mauritius, Monaco, Niger, Palau, Seychelles, Saint Lucia, and Brunei, has also been suspended.


The export scale of Chinese e-cigarettes continued to experience robust growth in 2023, leading to continuous adjustments in the market landscape. However, the decrease in prices may potentially trigger profound thinking and strategic adjustments within the industry.


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