Disclosure from Vaping Professionals Wanted: Exciting Rewards Await!

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Disclosure from Vaping Professionals Wanted: Exciting Rewards Await!
Rewards ranging from CN¥200 to CN¥1000 for adopted releases of information. Looking forward to your participation!

To obtain first-hand industry information, 2FIRSTS is thrilled to announce the launch of a rewarding tip-off initiative starting from January 16th. We have established a dedicated mailbox to encourage professionals within the industry to share exclusive leads in exchange for attractive rewards.


The information you provide can include, but is not limited to, industry dynamics, market insights, unforeseen events, company developments, and more. As long as your tip meets our requirements, 2FIRSTS will promptly assign editors to follow up, ensuring that the information receives timely attention.


Upon verification and adoption of the tip, the informant stands a chance to receive cash rewards ranging from ¥200 to ¥1000 (amounts may vary). In case of duplicate tips, only the first informant will be eligible for the reward.


Terms and Conditions:


Time Frame: 

Effective from January 16, 2023, ongoing.


Reward Mechanism: 

Cash rewards ranging from ¥200 to ¥1000 for adopted tips (only the first informant will be rewarded in case of duplicate tips).


Tip-off Content: 

Inclusive of, but not limited to, industry dynamics, market information, unforeseen events, company movements within the electronic cigarette industry.


Participation Method: 

If you are a professional in the e-cigarette industry, simply send the crucial information you possess to our dedicated email address [info@2firsts.com]. We will promptly follow up on your tip.


Through this interactive platform, we look forward to establishing closer connections with industry professionals and collectively driving the development of the vaping industry. We appreciate everyone's continuous support for 2FIRSTS and eagerly await your active participation in creating more enriching and accurate industry content!


2FIRSTS Editorial Department




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