ANDS Unveils Global Expansion Strategy at GTNF Forum

Industry Insight by Sophia L
Fadi Maayta, the CEO and Co-founder of ANDS, underlined how manufacturers should simplify pod system to meet consumer demands.

At the GTNF forum on September 21st, an insightful conversation took place between 2FIRSTS and Fadi Maayta, the CEO and Co-founder of ANDS, one of the largest e-cigarette trademark owner channel distributor in the Middle East. In this deep dialogue, ANDS openly shared its expansion strategy in the global market and its future vision.


ANDS Unveils Global Expansion Strategy at GTNF Forum
ANDS's booth | Source: 2firsts


Breaking the traditional distribution mold, ANDS offers end-to-end services for its clients and suppliers. From brand registration, packaging, marketing toolkits to digitized market routes, ANDS sees itself as a hybrid entity, blending the roles of a corporate entity with that of a distributor. For new companies aiming to penetrate the Middle Eastern or European markets, ANDS offers a turnkey solution, eliminating the need for clients to invest additional manpower and time.


A notable strength of ANDS is its significant presence in duty-free zones at airports across the Middle East and Europe. Beyond major Middle Eastern airports, they have successfully made their mark in key European airports, including Germany, Austria, Manchester, and Heathrow, with further expansion on the horizon.


ANDS honored with the "Golden Leaf Award 2023" | Source: 2firsts 


The company revealed its core market positioning is in modern trade, focusing on major supermarkets, petrol stations, and chain stores in Europe. Their intent is to appeal to traditional smokers, offering them better alternatives rather than competing within the saturated e-cigarette market.


Discussing the future of the e-cigarette market, ANDS anticipates a potential policy squeeze on disposable e-cigarettes due to evolving regulatory landscapes. Pod systems, they believe, may make a resurgence. Emphasizing the accelerated innovation in the pod system sector, the company underlined how manufacturers are simplifying pod system use to meet consumer demands.


In a recent eco-friendly initiative, ANDS introduced recyclable disposable card board vapes in the UK and several EU nations. This move reflects the company's commitment not only to market demands but also to reducing the environmental impact of e-cigarettes and underlining their care for human health.


Looking ahead, ANDS sets ambitious goals: aiming for a total revenue of close to $500 million in the next three to five years, and targeting a 20% market share in all major business markets. They also plan to invest in the oral nicotine market, aiming to diversify their product line further.


ANDS Unveils Global Expansion Strategy at GTNF Forum
ANDS and 2firsts at GTNF | Source: 2firsts