BAT announces new board positions and regional restructuring

BAT announces new board positions and regional restructuring
British American Tobacco (BAT) creates new roles and reduces regions to simplify structure and drive transformation efforts.

On January 31st, British American Tobacco (BAT) announced that they would establish two new positions on their board of directors and make adjustments to some regional divisions in order to streamline their organizational structure and advance transformation and upgrading efforts.

British American Tobacco (BAT) announced that Johan Vandermeulen, the regional director for Europe, will be appointed as the Chief Transformation Officer to lead the company's transformation efforts, accelerate developments in key areas, and build a faster, simpler, and more flexible organization.

Luciano Comin has been appointed as the new head of cigarettes and will be tasked with strengthening the value of the brand to drive investment in new categories. Comin previously worked as a regional director for the Americas and Sub-Saharan Africa and has held senior marketing management positions in Europe, Mexico, and Malaysia.

Simultaneously, following a strategic review, BAT has decreased the number of regions from four to three.

BAT's new architecture will consist of three regions:

Reno USA Company has operations in the Americas and Europe (AME), as well as the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa (APMEA) regions.

According to Jack Bowles, the CEO of BAT, this adjustment will drive BAT's transformation and upgrades while strengthening its position as a leader in the tobacco industry.

On September 28th in the Eastern Standard Time of the United States, Kingsley Wheaton, the Chief Growth Officer of BAT, spoke at the GTNF main conference. He stated that the biggest change faced by BAT in recent years is the emergence of reduced-harm tobacco products. Therefore, how to deal with this shift and ensure that the company's interests are not affected has become one of the challenges for BAT.

This is also the main reason why BAT is seeking transformation and upgrading. According to BAT's plan, it is expected that by 2025, the revenue from reduced-harm tobacco products will reach £5 billion.


Johan Vandermeulen has been appointed as the Chief Transformation Officer at British American Tobacco.

British American Tobacco (BAT) is set to transform into a new type of tobacco company.

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