Bidi Proposes Scan Data to Identify Non-compliant E-cigarette Companies

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Bidi Proposes Scan Data to Identify Non-compliant E-cigarette Companies
E-cigarette brand Bidi proposes using scanning data to identify noncompliant companies at a tobacco regulation conference.

According to the UAE media outlet, Big News Network, on November 14th, e-cigarette brand Bidi participated in a tobacco regulation conference organized by the Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI) in the United States on November 13th. During the conference, Bidi proposed that distributors use scanning data to identify non-compliant businesses.


According to Russell Quick, brand director of Bidi, regulatory agencies can use the data from the recently released ranking of disposable e-cigarette products as a "guiding beacon" to identify current noncompliant companies.


Quake stated that according to a recent ranking released by New York-based Nielsen company, 10 out of 11 disposable e-cigarette products did not comply with the regulatory procedures set by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


"Scanning data is readily available now... With this data, you can see which retailers are selling non-compliant products and which wholesalers are distributing them; this is a great way to revolutionize e-cigarette enforcement," Quake told approximately 200 attendees in a group discussion. "The ones who truly harm this industry are the illegal and non-compliant actors in the American e-cigarette market, as they undermine the potential of e-cigarettes to help adult smokers quit."


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