Biffa Launches Nationwide E-Cigarette Disposal and Recycling Program

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Biffa Launches Nationwide E-Cigarette Disposal and Recycling Program
Biffa, a waste management company in the UK, has launched a nationwide e-cigarette disposal and recycling program.

Talkingretail reports, UK waste management company Biffa has launched an e-cigarette recycling scheme. This scheme enables consumers to safely dispose of disposable e-cigarettes through designated bins within stores, aiming to address the issue of waste and assist retailers and supermarkets in complying with regulations.


As part of the e-cigarette recycling program offered to retailers, Biffa will provide the following services:


  • Provide branded display containers of varying capacities;
  • Collect used e-cigarettes at least once per quarter, or more frequently if needed to meet NWFD4 requirements;
    Notify retailers to prepare documentation prior to collection;
  • Providing collection schedules, completion and any wasted trip reports through myBiffa;
  • Offering a fixed national price based on pack size or can be offered as an add-on option to the existing Biffa small WEEE recycling service.


Representative Daniel Barrett from Biffa stated:


“It is vital that single use vapes are disposed of properly via trusted Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities. Far too many end up in landfill or being incinerated, preventing perfectly good material like lithium and plastic from being recycled back into new products."


Biffa is a waste management company based in High Wycombe, United Kingdom. It provides collection, landfill, recycling, and special waste services to local authorities and commercial clients in the UK. As of 2017, it is the second largest waste management company in the country.




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