Vaper Expo UK Trends: Spotlight on Recycle

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Vaper Expo UK Trends: Spotlight on Recycle
At the Vaper Expo Birmingham, 2FIRSTS conducts interviews with exhibitors and their different angles of focus on the sustainability of the industry.

At the Vaper Expo in Birmingham UK, on May 14, a series of interviews was conducted by 2FIRSTS London with various exhibitors. Each interview prominently highlighted the industry's shift towards recycling and sustainability, underlying the common thread that connected these diverse brands.


First up was Flonq, a Dubai-based vape brand making its UK product debut at the expo. Flonq has launched three products in the UK: a disposable pen, a pod vape, and a reusable vape with a separate detachable battery part, the latter already being sold in the EU and other markets. The brand identifies sustainability as one of its unique selling points, emphasizing that one of its key disposable vape pens is designed for easy disassembly and recycling. With a twist the battery and container easily come out from the case.

Vaper Expo UK Trends: Spotlight on Recycle
Flonq | 2FIRSTS


Next, 2FIRSTS spoke with ELUX, a household name in the UK's disposable vape market, its reputation solidified during the Covid lockdown period. In response to the increasing call for recycling, ELUX provided two solutions. First, it recently launched its own e-liquid brand to advocate for the use of refillable devices. Second, it plans to install 200,000 recycling bins at different retail outlets across the country. The recycling bin is will be collected by Green Wing and will be inclusive to take all disposable vapes, no matter the brand, to recycling facilities.


Vaper Expo UK Trends: Spotlight on Recycle


The third interview was with Erwin from Kardinal, a Malaysian vape brand making its first appearance in the UK. He pointed out the stark contrast between the Malaysian and UK governments' attitudes towards vaping and their respective regulatory landscapes. Unlike the laissez-faire approach in Malaysia, the UK government views vaping as a means to transition smokers, thereby imposing stricter regulations on the industry. Erwin shares that they have recycling programs in Malaysia, but the consumers like to throw whatever garbage into the bins, which is really problematic. He suggested that other countries could learn from the UK's regulatory framework, despite its implementation being a long-term goal. He also advocated for global industry players to take a leaf from their UK counterparts' book regarding product and battery recycling.


Vaper Expo UK Trends: Spotlight on Recycle
Kardinal | 2FIRSTS


Finally, 2FIRSTS interviewed Alex from Gold Bar, a multinational venture consisting of veterans from the UAE, the US, the UK, and China. Beyond creating premium-looking, high-end vapes designed to discourage underage usage, Alex disclosed that sustainability is a pivotal part of Gold Bar's future strategy in the UK, with plans to properly recycle its products as they have only been in the UK market for 2 months.


Vaper Expo UK Trends: Spotlight on Recycle
Gold bar | 2FIRSTS


In summary, while each brand brought unique offerings to the Vaper Expo, all underscored the importance of sustainability and recycling in the industry's future. This shared emphasis signals a collective commitment to environmental responsibility, an essential step forward as the vaping industry continues to evolve.

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