BLVK Launches 20,000 Puff Disposable "BLVK Bar" Featuring 15 E-Liquid Flavors

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BLVK Launches 20,000 Puff Disposable "BLVK Bar" Featuring 15 E-Liquid Flavors
BLVK E-Liquid introduces BLVK Bar, a unique disposable e-cigarette with longer battery life and enhanced flavors.

According to a report by the American News Agency on January 31st, e-liquid brand BLVK E-Liquid has launched a line of 20,000 disposable e-cigarettes, known as the BLVK Bar.


Wilson Sun, CEO of BLVK E-liquid, has stated that the BLVK Bar aligns with the growing trend in the e-cigarette market of launching disposable vape pens, while also injecting a new element into the smoking experience. This unique vape pen stands out in the market with its extended battery life and exceptional e-liquid flavor, all at a competitive price compared to other brands.


The notable features of BLVK Bar include:


BLVK Bare-cigarette is equipped with an LED screen and comes with 15 types of e-liquid. It offers adjustable power modes with three power settings. The device features the NIO-X™ dual coil system, which allows for alternating ignition of two coils. It is made of Kanthal alloy material and utilizes an anti-flavor-burning technology. The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium iron battery, which can be charged up to 50% in just 25 minutes.


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