CATCH My Breath: Comprehensive Solution to Youth E-Cigarette Epidemic

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CATCH My Breath: Comprehensive Solution to Youth E-Cigarette Epidemic
The "CATCH My Breath" program, developed by the University of Texas Health School, will be introduced in New York City schools.

According to a report from Newswise on November 6th, the "CATCH My Breath" anti-vaping program, developed by the School of Public Health at the University of Houston in Texas, has gained fame throughout the United States. It has already reached over 5,000 schools and impacted 1.8 million teenagers. Recently, the program will be fully implemented in New York City's public schools, aiming to address the widespread issue of tobacco and e-cigarette use among local teenagers.


The "CATCH My Breath" initiative, in collaboration with the CATCH Global Foundation, the New York Health Foundation, and the New York City Departments of Health and Mental Hygiene, is working together to promote tobacco e-cigarette prevention education in public schools in New York. This school-based prevention measure, accredited by the Singapore Agency for Health Promotion (SAMHSA), has been proven to reduce the likelihood of e-cigarette use by 46% among students in sixth and seventh grades.


Duncan Van Dusen, founder and CEO of CATCH Global Foundation, has voiced concern over the widespread use of e-cigarettes among young people, emphasizing that they have become the target of mass marketing and misinformation campaigns perpetrated by the e-cigarette industry.


"This significant collaboration will assist us in reaching students before they start using e-cigarettes, thereby protecting them from the negative impact of nicotine addiction on their physical and mental wellbeing," said Dusen.


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