Chill Brands Expands Sales of Nicotine-Free E-Cigarettes in UK

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Chill Brands Expands Sales of Nicotine-Free E-Cigarettes in UK
Chill Brands plans to sell its nicotine-free e-cigarette product, Chill Zero, in WH Smith stores and airports across the UK.

According to a report by Proactiveinvestors, British e-cigarette brand Chill Brands is planning to sell its nicotine-free e-cigarette product "Chill Zero" in prominent UK chain store WH Smith as well as airports.


This will prompt Chill Zero to introduce its nicotine-free e-cigarette product into its 150 travel retail stores, reaching thousands of daily travelers. Their target audience includes individuals aged 18 to 35, and even a broader age group, with the aim of offering an alternative to nicotine products.


As many individuals aspire to gradually reduce their nicotine intake, the company aims to assist them in gradually transitioning away from traditional tobacco and nicotine products. They also offer nicotine-free alternatives for those who enjoy social smoking without creating a chemical dependency.


Recent news releases have caused a market reaction, with a slight increase in the stock price of Chill Brands. However, the increase is not significant. Additionally, investors may be waiting to see concrete evidence of the company's retail channel expansion and growth.


Chill Brands states that, despite public concerns surrounding e-cigarettes in recent times, it is worth noting that the industry has already prepared to adapt to regulatory changes. They have also taken steps, such as partnering with Phoenix company for responsible waste management and compliance, to ensure they maintain a legal status in the market.


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