Connecticut Police Conduct Tobacco and Vape Sales Raids

Connecticut Police Conduct Tobacco and Vape Sales Raids
US police conducted surprise inspections on 30 stores for tobacco and e-cigarette sales, fining nine that failed to comply.

On December 18th, the police department in New London, Connecticut reported that nine local businesses failed to comply with surprise inspections of their tobacco and e-cigarette sales.

On Wednesday, the New London Police Department and the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services' Tobacco Enforcement Program conducted 30 surprise inspections throughout Stonington to ensure that stores selling tobacco and e-cigarette products were complying with state laws. The inspections also checked the IDs of individuals under the age of 30.

Several stores have failed inspections, including Sam's Food Store on 268 Bank St. and 485 Ocean Ave., Green Leaf Farms on 24 Lincoln Ave., H&T Mini Mart on 1 Ocean Ave., Town and Country Liquors on 455 Montauk Ave., Sully's Mobil on 382 Vauxhall St., Adam's Market on 447 Williams St., and Super Fiesta Market on 83 Mountain Ave.

According to the police, employees from nine stores received a $300 fine.

According to the department, the results of failed inspections will be submitted to the state tax bureau for potential administrative action.

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