Crackdown on Violations of E-Cigarette Sales Regulations in Russia

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Crackdown on Violations of E-Cigarette Sales Regulations in Russia
Russian authorities have conducted inspections on 86 e-cigarette sales outlets, with 60% found to be in violation of regulations.

According to a report by the Russian domestic media ARH on October 11, the Arkhangelsk region in Russia has taken action to investigate establishments that have violated e-cigarette sales regulations.


Russian Federation State Duma representative Alexander Spiridonov has highlighted on social media that he has inspected 86 sales outlets in cities such as Severodvinsk, Novodvinsk, Mirnoye, Kotlas, and Nyandoma.


Spiridonov stated, "Recently, we passed a law that I co-authored, which prohibits the sale of smoking devices to minors, bans their promotion, and prohibits public accusations. We have inspected 86 sales points in places like Sevirodovensk.


However, the reality is that 60% of sellers have violated the law. Many individuals are willing to proactively correct their mistakes, and Alexander has stated that he will collaborate with local consumer protection agencies and law enforcement to address other instances.


I have prepared the necessary materials accordingly. This law must be strictly adhered to, as it concerns the health of our children.


Alexander also urged all citizens to join their ranks and report any e-cigarette sales locations that are in violation of regulations.


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