Declining Sales of Tobacco and E-cigarettes in Russia

Declining Sales of Tobacco and E-cigarettes in Russia
According to financial data operator "Такском", cigarette, heated tobacco, pipe, and e-cigarette sales in Russia have declined.

According to financial data provided by the telecommunications operator "Такском," the sales of cigarettes, heated non-combustible products, tobacco sticks, and e-cigarettes in Russia have experienced a decline over the past year.

The average price of cigarettes has risen by 12%, reaching 185 rubles, while sales have declined by 31%. On the other hand, the average price of heated tobacco products has decreased to 990 rubles, with a sales decrease of 1%. The average price of traditional tobacco sticks has increased to 204 rubles, but the sales of this category of goods have dropped by 1%.

The average price of disposable e-cigarettes has increased to 989 rubles, resulting in a 16% decrease in sales. Analysts attribute the decline in sales to the implementation of government anti-smoking policies. These conclusions were drawn after analyzing over 4.9 billion receipts.

It is reported that the financial data operator "Такском" has previously provided data services to the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.

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Sales of cigarettes, electronic tobacco heaters, sticks, and vapes have decreased in Russia.

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