Ector County Jail Profits from E-Cigarette Sales

Ector County Jail Profits from E-Cigarette Sales
Texas jail profits from selling e-cigarettes, with five flavors sold out and plans to purchase more.

On June 14th, CBS reported that the law enforcement center in Ector County, Texas, sold e-cigarettes to its inmates. The prison purchased 2000 e-cigarettes with five different flavors, each selling for approximately $14. The total amount in sales reached $19,476.50 with the prison profiting $11,776.50. This is the first time the prison has sold e-cigarettes.

James Mckinney, the prison warden at the law enforcement center in Exeter County, stated:

I ordered 400 of each type of cigarette flavor including tobacco, mint, peach, ice peach, and berry. They have all sold out as of last week.

The e-cigarettes have been very popular, so McKinney has just ordered an additional 4,000.

According to McKinney, current sales have reached a total of $19,476.50, resulting in a profit of $11,776.50.

The best-selling flavor is peach ice.

However, the prison authorities stated that the money would be used for the daily management of the prison.

If you make money from prisoners, that money must be given back to the prisoners, whether it’s for things such as mattresses, clothing, bedding, or anything that benefits them, such as basketballs that I’ve bought for them.

McKinney has planned to use this money to purchase an X-ray machine worth $140,000 to enhance security within the prison.

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The Ector County jail has reportedly sold more than $19,000 worth of e-cigarettes in the span of a month.

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