EU to Announce E-cigarette Battery Recycling Approach Early Next Year

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2FIRSTS was invited to attend the IEVA 2022 Brussels Conference

EU's Regulation are Becoming More Strict and IEVA Calls on Strengthened Communications With Chinese Enterprises


[2FIRSTS Editorial] 

On September 29, 2022, invited by the Independent European Vape Alliance, hereinafter referred to as "IEVA", Shenzhen 2FIRSTS Technology Co., Ltd. ( attended the IEVA 2022 Brussels Conference. Through the report on the dynamic trend of the e-cigarette market and regulation in the EU and its countries, this meeting clarified the current situation of the EU e-cigarette industry and determined the trend ahead. IEVA President Dustin Dahlmann chaired the meeting.


EU to Announce E-cigarette Battery Recycling Approach Early Next Year

The 2022 IEVA Brussels Conference, picture source: 2FIRSTS


  • Three agenda items to track the development of EU e-cigarette regulation


Three agenda items formed the conference, namely:


·Retrospect of key EU decisions on e-cigarette regulation, such as TPD, battery regulations, directives to eliminate packaging waste, etc.;

·Report and update of the latest regulatory policies and market trends of e-cigarettes in each of the countries by their representatives;

·Reiteration of and additions to the code of obligations for and by its members


In the discussion on the future trend of the industry, IEVA President Dustin Dahlmann gave a keynote speech on the main trends and difficulties faced by the electronic cigarette industry, and then representatives from various countries shared the latest progress of the corresponding national electronic cigarette regulatory policies. In this session, Jason, ECCC's Diplomatic Assistant and International PR Manager of 2FIRSTS, introduced the latest development of China’s e-cigarette regulation.


Through the speeches of Dustin Dahlmann and the representatives, this conference conveyed the regulatory trend of the EU e-cigarette industry. 


  • EU to confirm excise tax on e-cigarettes


In terms of taxation, the TPD2 currently being implemented by the EU does not stipulate an e-cigarette consumption tax. However, the EU will introduce a bill on revising the taxation of e-cigarettes on December 7, 2022. Although more details have not been disclosed, the tax bill will eventually be put into effect in EU’s member states between 2024 and 2026 according to its legislative process. IEVA will strive for tax-free e-cigarettes to continue its role as a smoking cessation tool. If it cannot be achieved, the e-cigarette associations and related companies in the EU assess that 0.10 euro/ml is the best for the benefit of the country.



Presentation slide on the EU e-cig taxations, picture source: 2FIRSTS


Each EU member states are also formulating relevant taxes on e-cigarette products. For example, Belgium is drafting a recycling tax on e-cigarette packaging and batteries; Germany’s e-cigarette tax will reach 0.32 euros/ml in 2026, which is significantly higher than EU’s average producing a chilling effect that shut down a few online and offline vape shops in the country; Spain is currently formulating a bill to increase e-cigarette taxes, which are expected to be higher than Germany’s.


  • “Environmental Protection” a key direction of EU regulation


In addition to taxation, “environmental protection” has also become an important point and issue in the development of EU policy. According to the conference, a battery bill for all electronic products is being drafted, and the law will be finalized and published in the first quarter of 2023. By then, all electronic products, including all e-cigarette products must be rechargeable or have replaceable batteries.



Presentation slide on e-cig batteries, picture source: 2FIRSTS


A bill on packaging laws will also affect e-cigarette products is also in the works. The European Commission plans to adopt a proposal for a review of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive on November 30, 2022. The indicators to be reviewed are expected to include: whether the packaging is reusable or recyclable, reducing excessive packaging, etc.


From TPD3 and the recycling of e-cigarette batteries and packaging, to countries beginning to formulate their own e-cigarette tax, the Brussels conference conveys the signal of tightening of the EU e-cigarette regulatory stance. In this case, communication with Chinese enterprises should be strengthened, because only if manufacturers are willing to cooperate, can compliance be realized, stated Dustin Dahlmann. 


To conclude, Dustin Dahlmann reiterated the code of obligations for members, and the members present voted by a show of hands to approve the additional rules for membership management.


  • 2FIRSTS invited to join IEVA as its members


2FIRSTS was officially included as one of IEVA’s members, Dustin Dahlmann announced the news at the meeting and extended welcome to 2FIRSTS.


2FIRSTS applied to join the Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce (ECCC) in early 2022 and became its pillar unit. At the same time, it serves as the global full-time e-cigarette industry press. Joining IEVA this time, 2FIRSTS will carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation with it, linking Chinese e-cigarette companies and the EU market, so as to promote the integration and exchange of Chinese and European e-cigarette markets and regulatory information, and help Chinese e-cigarette companies to go global, which can be put as a win-win situation for both parties in the industry.



2FIRSTS will continue to follow up the dynamics of EU e-cigarette regulatory policies. For more information, please go to the 2FIRSTS official website: for Chinese and for English.


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