FEELM's FUTURE: Sustainable Vaping Solution with Eco-Friendly Design

FEELM's FUTURE: Sustainable Vaping Solution with Eco-Friendly Design
FEELM's FUTURE brand received acclaim for eco-friendly packaging and recyclable components at European e-cigarette exhibitions.

FEELM, the high-end aerosol technology brand under SMORE, has received high praise at recent electronic cigarette exhibitions throughout Europe. This indicates a commitment from FEELM to provide environmentally friendly electronic cigarette solutions.

The "product is packaging" design integrates the main body and packaging, using recyclable paper instead of plastic. The equipment itself mainly consists of post-consumer recycled (PCR) or biological materials, rather than traditional corresponding materials, reducing plastic usage by 60% and carbon emissions by 52-58%.

Future encourages consumers to maintain environmental awareness as its products are designed for easy dismantling and recycling. Users can separate internal components of the device, such as battery cores, plastics, and fuel tanks, and recycle them individually.

Totom Lu, Director of the FEELM design team, stated that "this series represents our latest sustainable design concept, aimed at making it easier for consumers to responsibly disassemble and dispose of products, while addressing the environmental issues caused by waste.

In recent years, environmental responsibility has become a priority for industries. A study by Material Focus revealed that up to 1.3 million devices are discarded each week, resulting in as much as 10 tons of lithium waste. This is equivalent to the amount of battery usage in 1,200 electric vehicles. It is crucial to develop solutions for this issue, especially with battery disposal regulations set to change in the coming years. For instance, in the European Union, according to the recently approved draft battery regulation, disposable electronic cigarettes will require detachable and replaceable batteries by as early as 2025.

An industry expert has pointed out the urgent need for the industry to shift towards a production model that places environmental protection at its core. The links between raw materials, design, and production must be streamlined. FEELM has taken a leading position in environmental protection by considering it at all stages of production and establishing a comprehensive management chain infused with ecological thinking. This has been accomplished by creating a database of environmentally friendly materials and incorporating this into their overall approach.

The company also believes that all countries need to improve the collection and recycling of electronic devices and make it easier for consumers to properly dispose of their e-cigarettes, regardless of their manufacturer or brand. It welcomes any other initiatives that can standardize the free collection of disposable e-cigarettes at sales points, as well as raise awareness about the importance of properly recycling their devices among consumers.

FEELM's ESG team conducted a full life cycle analysis (LCA) of disposable e-cigarettes and developed a product carbon footprint analysis model to identify the major carbon emissions sources associated with disposable e-cigarettes, in order to further reduce carbon emissions.

According to data from Frost & Sullivan, SMOORE is the world's largest manufacturer of electronic cigarette devices in terms of revenue, with a 2020 global market share of 18.9%. Its market share is greater than the sum of the top five listed companies.

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