Geekvape Holds Seminar on E-cigarette Technology Innovation

Geekvape Holds Seminar on E-cigarette Technology Innovation
Experts discussed innovation in the e-cigarette industry, including design, battery technology, and reliability considerations.

The seminar has invited industry experts to discuss "Technological Progress and Innovation in the Industry" based on four themes: issues of concern to users, the structural design of atomizers, battery units and chips, and future developments. Here is the link:

According to Potti, the marketing director of Geekvape, users often experience leaking issues for various reasons. The design of the structure has a significant impact on the performance of e-cigarette devices. To provide better answers, the seminar was connected to the Geekvape Shenzhen laboratory. Through simulation testing, it was proven that the airflow design of the top and bottom structures is smooth and has the same air resistance. However, the top airflow structure has higher thermal efficiency, allowing for more thorough and efficient evaporation of liquid, resulting in more vapor and better flavor. In addition, its design contributes greatly to leak prevention.

The website contacted Geekvape's product testing lab to review how improvements to the battery unit and chip would affect user experience. Testers explained that the product's output voltage has a direct impact on the atomization and flavor of nicotine oil. Therefore, the level and consistency of output voltage are crucial. By comparing the output voltage of various products with the same atomization core resistance, it was proven that Geekvape's device has superior output stability to its competitors and is more reliable overall. When using the same battery, Geekvape's device also showed exceptional competitiveness in chip output control.

John Dunne, General Secretary of the UK Electronic Cigarette Industry Association, has stated that the industry must continually innovate and introduce new technology to adapt to various factors such as product form, user demand, rules, and regulations. As a leading company in the industrial chain, Geekvape has accumulated extensive technological expertise, enabling it to cope with global development and market changes.


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