GREEN WINGS PROJECT: Revolutionizing Recycling of Disposable E-cigarettes

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GREEN WINGS PROJECT: Revolutionizing Recycling of Disposable E-cigarettes
GREEN WINGS PROJECT, a UK nonprofit, offers free disposal and recycling of disposable e-cigarettes, supported by sponsors and partnerships.

At the UK e-cigarette exhibition on October 28, 2023, 2FIRSTS observed a non-profit organization called "GREEN WINGS PROJECT" that focuses on the safe disposal and recycling of disposable e-cigarettes through scientifically effective methods. The organization has gained sponsorship from several companies, including e-cigarette manufacturers and logistics firms. Additionally, they have collaborated with various social organizations.

GREEN WINGS PROJECT: Revolutionizing Recycling of Disposable E-cigarettes
E-cigarette recycling nonprofit organization "GREEN WINGS PROJECT" promoting at exhibition in the UK | 2FIRSTS


The staff of the GREEN WINGS PROJECT at the exhibition informed 2FIRSTS that other organizations charge approximately £12 per kilogram to recycle e-cigarettes. However, as a charitable initiative, GREEN WINGS PROJECT offers free recycling services for disposable e-cigarettes. It has been revealed that the organization's main sponsored brand is ELUX, and they are also in talks with Smoore regarding a recycling partnership. In addition to e-cigarette manufacturers, the organization collaborates with logistics companies DHL and Royal Mail. Furthermore, discussions are underway with property developer Berkley to establish a recycling charity project.

GREEN WINGS PROJECT: Revolutionizing Recycling of Disposable E-cigarettes
UK e-cigarette recycling charity "GREEN WINGS PROJECT" promotion wall | 2FIRSTS


According to the on-site staff, many environmental organizations are pushing for a total ban on disposable e-cigarettes. However, just like the prohibition in the United States several decades ago, banning alone cannot fundamentally solve the problem. Similarly, for disposable e-cigarettes, recycling is the fundamental solution. During the pandemic period from 2020 to 2021, the GREEN WINGS PROJECT became aware of a sudden increase in e-cigarette sales, as one of the organization's initiators had previously worked in the logistics industry and wanted to start a harmless recycling charity project with e-cigarettes as a starting point. The organization is currently mainly focused on e-cigarette recycling projects, with the largest and closest partnership being with ELUX, a leading brand.


According to reports, the GREEN WINGS PROJECT currently has 6,000 recycling points and over 10,000 recycling bins in the UK. In addition to foreign businesses and brand logistics, stores and distributors have also chosen to collaborate with them, as it allows them to avoid the £12 recycling fee per kilogram charged by other organizations.


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