Greenbossing: A New Biodegradable Filter Technology

Greenbossing: A New Biodegradable Filter Technology
Greenbutts and Boegli Gravures have developed a new technology, Greenbossing, to produce biodegradable filters for a better sensory experience.

Greenbutts and Boegli Gravures have collaborated to develop a new technology for producing biodegradable filters.

Two companies have claimed that their innovative trademark, Greenbossing, can enhance and customize the existing filtering capacity as well as sensory experience.

Greenbutts has obtained a full patent for their biodegradable filter that provides the sensory experience of a traditional cigarette filter without generating plastic waste.

For decades, our company has been at the forefront of new technology solutions in the macro, micro, and nano embossing fields, with these solutions known as 'Vividus', 'Midas', and 'Iris'," stated Charles Boegli, CEO and Chairman of Boegli Gravures. "We are proud to partner with Greenbutts and contribute our expertise to address the significant ecological demand in the filter manufacturing industry, with Greenbossing being the solution.

Luis Sanches, the Chief Strategy Officer of Greenbutts, announced that their organization has established a strong partnership with the globally renowned embossing technology company, Boegli, and is delighted to declare that their joint technology has been patented. "This new IP will completely transform Greenbutts' filter manufacturing process. Greenbossing is a truly innovative functionality that will solidify our position by introducing the next generation of biodegradable filters for the tobacco industry.

Tadas Lisauskas, CEO of Greenbutts, expressed pride in the company's reliable partnership with Boegli Gravures. Lisauskas emphasized the revolutionary impact of the embossing technology developed together and anticipates further technological advancements in the coming months. With the push for single-use plastic legislation and stronger environmental agendas in the tobacco industry, Greenbutts aims to maintain its leadership in assisting with this transition by providing innovative solutions.

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